Weekly HOPE Project Prayer Diary

Disclaimer: Please understand that due to the public accessibility to this diary page, it does not include prayer points about people's personal needs (e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual). THIS diary ONLY lists prayer points which specifically pertain to a need related to the outworking of The HOPE Project. Persons who's name appears here are in some way relevant to the project needing prayer. Thank you

Week Commencing 2nd June 2019 (The week's prayer needs are spread across days of the week so that there are opportunities to pray for specific needs each day ... some needs WILL coincide with the days on which they are listed. PLEASE PRAY as the Spirit Leads and Reveals things to you)

Monday 3rd June

Thank you Lord for our weekly gathering yesterday and the terrific time we are having growing together and learning to serve together. We thank you particularly for the developing team which is empowered to facilitate worship and other aspects of our gathering when a number of team members are away. We thank you for the energy that is increasing and the sense of oneness in heart and purpose felt and expressed by many. May Your kingdom advance as an outcome.

Lord, we don't know how to pray for our indigenous brothers and sisters but we love them because you do and we want to learn how to serve to bless. This is Reconciliation Week and we ask Lord that you show us how we can celebrate this in such a way that honours YOU and the aboriginal community. We pray for a reconciliation that produces ONENESS.

Tuesday 4th  

We thank you Lord Jesus for every opportunity to read and study your word; not just to increase our knowledge but particularly to hear from you and to dwell in the revelation Christ brought. Bless all those who are building and gathering people to provide a safe space within which this growth can occur. We pray for an increased understanding and response to your call to disciple and equip missionaries to our back yards and to the ends of the earth.

Lord we continue to pray that you will bring soaking rain to bless the farmers in West Wyalong and western NSW as they have been sowing for 2019 this past few weeks. We pray your favour and increase for this year's crop.

Wednesday 5th

Lord we pray that You will lead us as we interact with our spheres of involvement today. Bless the team as we engage with the neighbourhood over coffee. 

We thank you Lord for how you have opened up doors for us to share our facilities with a growing number of community groups. It is such a privilege to serve the neighbourhood in this way and we pray for clarity about cultural icons so we can communicate your kingdom gospel appropriately and relationally with any who cross our path or hire our hall. Lord we praise you for refreshing the relationship with the Illawarra Quilters for the next 12 months and for the Sewing Guild who graciously did some stage curtain sewing for us yesterday.

Thursday 6th  

Lord we pray for our new elders, Judy, June, Rob & Mick; that you will help them clearly understand how you want them to work with Graeme & Julie for the nurture and equipping of your East Corrimal flock. We thank you so much Lord for people who have put their hands up to share in the responsibility of this mission you have called us to.

Lord we pray today for further revelation about the things we are corporately hearing through our Prayer Group with Legs on Thursday evenings. Particularly we ask for clarity about the prophetic words we received pertaining to engaging with people in and around our spheres of involvement; for 'unwrapping the gift' promised to our relational connections and for the claiming of the 'promised land' by the remnant you have called together. We pray as ever Lord that You will add to the number of kingdom of heaven inhabitants daily. 

Friday 7th

Lord we thank you for Graeme's safe journey up to meet with Jason Potter in Blacktown re. HOPE College and the study program for the rest of 2019. Let Your wisdom flow as they shape opportunities for equipping.

We pray that you will strengthen those who are considering Baptism currently and we ask that there might be a breakthrough of obedience SOON! 

Saturday 8th

Father, we pray for your blessing upon our Illawarra Quilter mates today that somehow they might experience your favour as they meet and workshop.

Lord, we ask for the Production Team on Graeme's new album as they work hard this weekend to get the song stems recorded.

Lord, we ask your continued leadership and empowerment as we seek to follow your prompting with relation to our catalytic program for the rest of 2019. Lord, we want to be in your will for the expressed purpose of declaring, representing and demonstrating the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Sunday 9th

For our Church Family that we will trust you Lord God completely as we engage this mission effort with our whole commitment. Some of us from Base Camp to Camp One. Others of us at various intervals all the way up the climb. Lord, we need to keep discovering more earnest AND PRACTICAL tools and Jesus modeled strategies AND faith and boldness to road test these towards climbing the unclimbed peaks. Lord, as we gather together again today, help us actively support our fellow workers as all work hard to acclimatize to this journey. We pray that today's Album Project Commissioning over a special morning tea and worship gathering in the Back Hall will be a Godly, door opening catalyst where God's presence is not only celebrated but encountered and sought. 

For our brothers and sisters in Churches across our region as each one responds to what God is revealing to them. This week we are praying for Greystanes Uniting Church. We thank you for the partnership you have forged between our two churches and we ask for your continued guidance for Graeme as he and Mark work with Presbytery Minister Rob to facilitate the journey of the Mission Strategy Group established by the Church Council to work together until they have a recommendation about the church's mission priorities. We pray for Mark Beaton and the team at GUCA. We pray for Mark's wife Lou as she works through the season of her retirement as Community Pastor at Corrimal Uniting Church.

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