Weekly HOPE Project Prayer Diary

Disclaimer: Please understand that due to the public accessibility to this diary page, it does not include prayer points about people's personal needs (e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual). THIS diary ONLY lists prayer points which specifically pertain to a need related to the outworking of The HOPE Project. Persons who's name appears here are in some way relevant to the project needing prayer. Thank you

Week Commencing 2nd December 2019 (The week's prayer needs are spread across days of the week so that there are opportunities to pray for specific needs each day ... some needs WILL coincide with the days on which they are listed. PLEASE PRAY as the Spirit Leads and Reveals things to you)

Monday 2nd December

Thank you Lord for our weekly gathering yesterday and the terrific time we are having growing together and learning to serve together. We thank you for Jono Hyratt as he brought us a message about not giving up; timely in that we can get to Christmas time in the midst of the busy and just drop our bundles. We thank God for this encouraging word. We also thank you Lord for the safe travels our music team experienced as they journeyed to and from Blacktown. We praise God for the community Christmas event at Vardy's Road Public School that Karen, Graeme & Rob were empowered to serve. Lord, we ask that seeds of your love and grace have been sown in teh lives of the many who wandered in and enjoyed the presentation.

Lord, it's a BIG week for Christmas preparation and we ask for time, energy, space and creative juices for our music ministry team in particular as final planning and rehearsal happens (in between everything else). We are preparing for Christmas Eve and Day services but in particular, the Carols presentation in the Street THIS Sunday 8th. We pray for the team to experience the leading and comfort of the Holy Spirit ministering in and through them.

Tuesday 3rd  

We thank you Lord Jesus for every opportunity to read and study your word and so we ask your counsel to abound as our people meet for Tuesday study; not just to increase our knowledge but particularly to hear from you and to dwell in the revelation Christ brought. Bless all those who are building and gathering people to provide a safe space within which this growth can occur. We pray for an increased understanding and response to your call to disciple and equip missionaries to our back yards and to the ends of the earth.

Lord we continue to pray that you will bring soaking rain to bless the farmers in West Wyalong and western NSW as they now consider their 2019 and 2020 crops. 

Father, we ask for your blessing and Jesus' empowering presence as Karen arranges music and prepares charts and rehearsal resources for the final preparations required prior to Sunday evening.

Wednesday 4th

Lord we pray that You will lead us as we interact with our spheres of involvement today. Bless the team as we engage with the neighbourhood over coffee and at the evening Wednesday Conversation. We ask for your grace and favour to envelope the Quilters as they meet in our facilities between 10am and 3pm today.

We pray that you will guide Graeme & Heather today as they focus on completing logistical preparation for Christmas events, in particular 'Carols in the Street' which needs a final set up plan to be in place. Lord Jesus we ask that these Christmas events will yield such a 'relevance' that our neighbours, families and friends will have a revelation of Jesus and desire to follow Him with all their hearts. We pray for those we know by name.

Lord, we also think today of those who will join with Jono, Nicky and Les this evening for 'Soul Recovery'. We pray for people seeking your help and the help of your people to break from addictions. God bless this meeting tonight.

Thursday 5th

Lord we pray for divine appointments and increased and deeper interactions with our neighbours through our weekly pop-up affordable grocery store that we partner with Food for life community care to provide on Thursday mornings. We ask that in the midst of the amazing connections that are being made that you will bless Murray and his board with a flow of income from increased sales at each given event - that will help the initiative continue and flourish. We pray also for Murray and his wife Julie as they deal with their grief in the aftermath of the death of a young lady that they had guardian responsibility for over a number of years recently.

Lord we pray today for further revelation and clarity about how to engage more of our family in corporate and strategic prayer. We pray for wisdom about being pro-active in forging prayer partnership with other local congregations. Also and particularly we ask for clarity about the prophetic words we received pertaining to engaging with people in and around our spheres of involvement; for 'unwrapping the gift' promised to our relational connections and for the claiming of the 'promised land' by the remnant you have called together. We pray as ever Lord that You will add to the number of kingdom of heaven inhabitants daily. 

Lord Jesus, bless and energize the music team as they do a final rehearsal for this weekend's special events.

Friday 6th November

Lord we thank you for Caleb, Georgia and Zarah. We pray for their preparation to work with us as missionaries in 2020 and ask that you continue to show us what our responsibility needs to be to make this all possible. We ask that you will encourage them as they look forward to meeting us THIS weekend. Lord, please resource us so we can ensure we share the care.

We pray for those who have taken time out today to pick up supplies from Council re. our street closure on Sunday. Logistics are just necessary but we pray that through everything we do in the lead up to Sunday's event, something more of you will be seen by those we are working with.

Saturday 7th November

Father, we pray for your blessing upon Karen, Graeme as they provide music for our mission partner church in Greystanes conducting a Sport's Breakfast event to engage with their community more impactfully. We pray for Mark Beaton's health and clarity of thought as he interviews two of the best known NRL referees this morning; that somehow through this interaction, people will see the church in a different light and become hungry for more of Jesus.  

Lord, we ask your special blessing on the wedding today of Northern Illawarra Scripture Board member and teacher Heather Grant and Yefta Sitepu at the Christian Reformed Church. We pray particularly for Heather as she continues to grieve for her Mum who lost her battle with MND last month and will be acutely feeling this loss today. We pray for a miraculous presence, that the whole family will experience a 'new birth' through this special time.

Sunday 8th December

We pray for our Church Family that we will trust you Lord God completely as we engage this mission effort with our whole commitment. Some of us from Base Camp to Camp One. Others of us at various intervals all the way up the climb. Lord, we need to keep discovering more earnest AND PRACTICAL tools and Jesus modeled strategies AND faith and boldness to road test these towards climbing the unclimbed peaks. Lord, as we gather together again today and with our new mates from Qld, help us celebrate what you are opening up for us and strengthen us to actively support our fellow workers as we all work hard to acclimatize to this journey.

For our brothers and sisters in Churches across our region as each one responds to what God is revealing to them. This week we are praying for Tarrawanna Salvos. We thank you Lord for Robyn Black and the Team there. We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to bless these wonderful people and leads us as we work towards what a kingdom journey together might look like.  

Lord we pray for every visible and hidden aspect of today's Carols in the Street event. We pray for traveling mercies as Dene, Meryl, Amber and members of her family join us from Canberra. We pray that you will bless and strengthen Heather as she coordinates the set-up team that everything planned will come together and work well. That there will be wonderful interaction with our neighbours and we all grow closer to each other and to a greater relationship with Jesus. Lord, there is never enough time to prepare and rehearse well for these sorts of events but we pray that the festival will yield its appropriate outcomes and that the evening presentation will declare, represent and demonstrate Jesus and a genuine faith that people can access. We pray for Jesus' healing and empowering presence to be think in our locality; that patrons and passers-by alike might experience the true JOY of Christmas IN Christ and be hungry for more for both themselves and those they are in relationship with. We pray for excitement and a positive energy in collaboration so that it is clear that Jesus reigns.

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